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Behavorial Services

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Therapeutic Consultation

Therapeutic Consultation for the DD Wavier consists of us meeting via Telehealth at least once a week to address you or your loved one’s behavioral issue(s). The initial phase will consist of an intake interview where I will determine the “why” behind each behavior’s occurrence and begin to collect baseline data. Once I have obtain the necessary data, I will write a behavior plan.


At this point, we will meet and go over the plan, sign off on it, and begin plan implementation. We will continue to meet weekly to assess how plan implementation is going and make changes accordingly until the problem behavior is at an acceptable level for discharge. 


ACT: Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT) is a type of behavioral therapy in which we will work together to improve psychological flexibility and help you to recognize alternatives to behaviors that are causing problems in your life.


Our initial meeting will consist of an intake interview in which I get to know you and determine the “why” behind your behavior. From there, I will ask you to collect baseline data and we will begin to meet weekly to look at options and ways that you can change your behaviors to live the life that you want. The fee for this service is $100 per hour.

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IEP/504 Consultation

IEP/504 Consultation: IEP/504 consultation consists of us meeting to determine behavioral accommodations that can be implemented in your child’s classroom as well as a full educational records review.


I can also suggest IEP goals. If needed, I can come to your child’s IEP meeting to assist with advocacy and accommodation acquisition. The fee for this service is $150 per hour. 

Parenting Consultation

Is your child exhibiting “weird” behaviors that you want answers to? I will meet with you to determine why your child is acting the way that they are and develop a plan to change the behavior(s) to one(s) that are more acceptable and will allow you and your child to live the life that you want. This service is $100 per hour. 

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Assistive Technology Evolutions

Assistive technology (AT) evaluations and recommendations will consist of an evaluation to determine if a form of assistive technology (AT) can help alleviate behavioral concerns.


If this is the case, I will write a Letter of Medical Necessity to submit to the support coordinator who in turn will locate a provider and complete the necessary paperwork. 

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