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Behavorial Services

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Therapeutic Consultation

Therapeutic Consultation for the DD Wavier consists of us meeting via Telehealth at least once a week to address you or your loved one’s behavioral issue(s). The initial phase will consist of an intake interview where I will determine the “why” behind each behavior’s occurrence and begin to collect baseline data. Once I have obtain the necessary data, I will write a behavior plan.


At this point, we will meet and go over the plan, sign off on it, and begin plan implementation. We will continue to meet weekly to assess how plan implementation is going and make changes accordingly until the problem behavior is at an acceptable level for discharge. 

Behavioral Counseling

This is 1:1 behavior analysis for your unique situation. We will explore and identify behaviors for change and work towards actionable steps to help you reach your goal.


Our initial meeting will consist of an intake interview in which I get to know you and your goals. From there, we will break down your goals that will allow you to work towards the life you want while remaining consistent with your values. - $150 per hour

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Educational Consultation

Educational consultation will consist of us reviewing your child's IEP/504 plan and determining additional accommodations that can be implemented within your child's classroom. I can also advise on IEP/504 goals for the school year and attend meetings if desired. 

Note that I am not an educational lawyer and this does not constitute advocacy or legal advice. - $150 per hour

Parenting Consultation

Is your child exhibiting problematic behaviors that you want answers to? I will meet with you to determine why your child is acting the way that they are and develop a plan to change the behavior(s) to one(s) that are more acceptable and will allow you and your child to live the life that you want. - $150 per hour

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Functional Analysis

Functional analysis is the process in which I analyze the relationship between one's behavior and one's environment. This process will consist of weekly interviews, at least one virtual observation, and data analysis. Upon completion of the data collection process, I will write a formal report with my findings and professional recommendations. 

This process typically takes 4 - 6 weeks to complete from start to finish. - $1499

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