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Practice Policies

I want to take a moment and highlight some important practice policies that will be in effect throughout our work together.



I understand that the use of profanity can be a form of stress relief for some, and I will not restrict you from its use in session. However, if your use of profanity becomes excessive, I will terminate our session immediately as it is indicative of unwillingness to discuss the issue at hand.


Appropriate Dress & Behavior

While I offer both in person and Telehealth appointments, Telehealth does not mean that you’re excluded from appropriate dress and conduct. While you may be having session from your home, place of work, or even your car, you are still in my virtual office, and I expect you to dress and behave accordingly. Example of inappropriate dress and behavior include, but is not limited to, wearing pajamas and having session from your bed. If you have any concerns about your outfit, please run it by me and I’ll be happy to clarify. In short, if you would not wear your outfit to any other doctor’s office, do not wear it to mine.


Consent to Treatment

Our work is contingent on what is known as informed consent. If, at any time, you have questions about the methodology that I am using or recommending with you or your loved one, you’re free to ask questions. However, if at any point you do not agree with my recommendations, this constitutes withdrawal of informed consent and I’m legally obligated to terminate services immediately. Furthermore, I do not tolerate argumentation. If you do not agree with my recommendations, state as such and I will happily write a referral to another provider in the community that can better serve your behavioral and mental health needs.


No-Showing & Tardiness

Unlike traditional medical practices, mental health appointments are reserved for you and you alone. It is your time. As such, if you no-show, I can’t fill that slot and will lose money. If you are a private pay patient or using commercial insurance, you will be charged for a no-show if you fail to come to session or do not cancel 24 hours or more prior to your appointment. I will wait a maximum of 10 minutes for you to show up for your appointment. If you are running late or having technical issues, please communicate that to me via text or email and I’ll be happy to wait for you and/or assist you with your technical issue as best I can.


Behavioral Therapeutic Consultation

Under Virginia Medicaid regulations, therapeutic consultation (TC) does not permit direct practice with the individual. You or a group home staff member must meet with me and be taught the methods necessary to assist with your individual’s needs. The therapeutic consultation process requires ongoing data collection and the implementation of a behavior intervention plan (BIP) within the environment. If you are physically unable or unwilling to engage in this process, TC is not a good fit for you, and I would recommend either traditional ABA if the individual is 21 or under and/or psychotherapy.

Payment for Services 

If you are a private pay patient or using insurance that requires copays, payment is due at the time of service. I do not allow patients to accrue a balance under any circumstances. If your financial situation changes while we are working together, please notify me immediately. In such a situation, I will allow the short term use of a payment plan until your balance is paid. If failure to render payment is ongoing, I will be forced to send you to collections. If I send you to collections, a 25% fee will be incurred in addition to the total debt to cover the cost of collections services. 

In Person Services 

Face-to-face services are available at my office in Fredericksburg, VA. If you choose to see me in person, please be mindful of cancelling or switching to Telehealth if you or a loved is ill. Illness pejoratively affects the therapeutic process and I do not want to get sick if it is at all preventable. 

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