Kristopher McGinley 


My name is Kris McGinley. I was born and raised in Virginia. I love helping others and doing whatever I can for them, and this career allows me to do just that. I have a Bachelors in Wildlife Biology with a concentration in wildlife rehabilitation. In my personal life, I love going out in nature, and going to reptile expos.


Jessica Hardy 


My name is Jessica Hardy and I have ADHD, OCD, PTSD, and anxiety. I've overcome and live with these conditions without medication and I'm passionate about helping others learn to do the same through MyGuide. 

I have three children, two of which are intellectually disabled  so I can relate to the patients that I'll be working with here. I'm passionate about pediatrics and want to continue my education to become a BCBA and LCSW with a Doctor of Social Work.

Harold Ayers

Harold Ayers


My name Is Harold Ayers. For years i have dealt with ADHD and anxiety without any form of medication. I come from a background of just about anything. From customer service all the way to web design. I have grown up around and taken care of family members with different disabilities. From Autism to Alzheimer’s. I am passionate about helping others and helping them lead the lives they see them self's living.

In the future I hope to better my knowledge on becoming a LCSW and BCBA. I have an hyperactive go-getter attitude, ready to take every task thrown at me by the horns with a strong mindset.  I want to help people with MyGuide to show them they can do anything that they set their hearts and beliefs to! I can't wait to see the changes I bring with Lunsford Behavioral Consulting and what the future brings!