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eBehavioral Counseling/Messaging

Do you want to move towards the life you want, but you live in an area with horrible internet or are you the type of person that would rather not video chat? I’m now offering ACT through secure messaging using Simple Practice’s messaging feature and/or an app called Signal. Both platforms are fully HIPAA compliant, so our messages will remain secure. I will bill you $150 per week, and you will be able to message me Monday through Thursday and I’ll respond to you daily. I typically take around 45 minutes to an hour to craft my response, so I will put as much effort into this as I would with a live session.



 Therapy through messaging has numerous benefits. If the idea of talking with a mental health professional via video or phone is too much for you at this time, this can be a wonderful way to ease into the process. There are practical benefits as well, such as not having to set aside a specific day or time to meet with me. This can be especially beneficial to those with a hectic life. One of my favorite benefits from this modality is that both of us can take our time with our messages and you have the option of saving any of my responses for use later.

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