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Stigma surrounding mental health has decreased greatly in recent years, but many people still believe that you need to have a mental health diagnosis to benefit from therapy. This is not the case! Therapy is an investment in yourself and your life. There doesn't need to be a major life transition to warrant therapy. Come on in as you are!

With Matthew as your guide, we will focus on your goals that are in alignment with your values. Come to Matthew’s office as yourself and know that you are in a safe space while under Matthew’s care.

For Adults, Teenagers, and Children
Do you find that you’re more irritable than you’d like to be? Is your self-esteem not where you want it? Has anxiety taken over your life? Or perhaps you’d like insight into how your past is affecting your present? Set aside an hour a week to learn coping skills, address thoughts that aren’t helping you, and get the insight that you’re searching for to live the life that you want.

For Couples/Partners
Building and maintaining relationships require skills and knowledge. Let’s normalize taking time to learn and practice these skills, and give ourselves and our people a break from unfair expectations of having it all “figured out.”

Therapy is a safe place to examine relationship and communication patterns and learn skills to bring these closer to our values.

What Can I Expect in Therapy?
At your first session, your intake paperwork will be reviewed, and you will be encouraged to ask any questions you may have. Matthew will follow your pace, so you don’t feel rushed. You can expect that plenty of time with be devoted to building rapport and creating a safe space tailored to your needs and goals. You can share what influenced your choice to begin therapy and what you hope you accomplish through this collaboration. Matthew will ask follow-up questions and
make plans for future sessions.

At this time, sessions with Matthew will occur via Telehealth using Simple Practice. Simple Practice is a HIPAA compliant Telehealth platform. Matthew is currently searching for office space in the City of Fredericksburg and will update this page when in person sessions can occur.

Additionally, note that Matthew is currently under supervision as a supervisee in clinical social work working towards his full LCSW license. He is under the supervision of Erin Guiffre, MSW, BCBA, LBA, LCSW.

Payment & Rates
As Matthew is under supervision, he cannot bill insurance for psychotherapy at this time,

thus Matthew is offering a sliding scale as needed.

Individual Psychotherapy: $150
Couples/Family Psychotherapy: $200
Diagnostic Evaluations: $200
Pre-Surgical Evaluations: $150

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