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Rates & Insurance

Benefits of Private Pay 

While many individuals prefer to use their insurance to pay for services, utilizing private pay offers many benefits. 

  • Confidentiality

    • Use of private pay can enhance confidentiality. When insurance is utilized, they can request to view your records at any time, thereby opening the possibility of them becoming privy to sensitive information. Private pay bypasses this requirement as the insurance company will not be involved. ​

  • Flexibility 

    • Private pay not only gives you more flexibility in who you see, but it also opens up flexibility for the therapist. Insurance companies can dictate the approach or type of therapy that is used, which may not be best for your particular concerns. Using private pay allows me to be flexible in the approach(es) that I use in your care.​

  • Choice of Therapist 

    • Insurance companies offer a limited number of in-network "slots" for therapists, thereby greatly reducing whom you are able to see. Using private pay allows you a far greater number of therapists to choose from so that you can find the best fit. ​

  • Avoiding a Diagnosis on Record 

    • Using insurance requires that a mental health diagnosis be added to your insurance record. Having this diagnosis on record can cause a great deal of stigma and can potentially limit access to certain careers. Using private pay eliminates the requirement for a formal mental health diagnosis. ​

  • Quicker Access to Services

    • Typically, insurance often requires preauthorization, which can take a great deal of time and means that starting therapy will take longer than it would have through private pay. Private pay eliminates the need for reauthorization, so we can start treatment immediately. ​

  • Extended Sessions or Frequency 

    • Some individuals prefer extended sessions or wish to come more frequently. Insurance companies put caps on the number and length of sessions. Using private pay allows us to bypass this requirement so that you can come as frequently and have sessions as long as you'd like. ​

  • Out of Network Benefits 

    • Out of network benefits may partially cover the cost of therapy and still offers the benefits outlined above. ​

  • High Deductibles or Limited Coverage 

    • Insurance often comes with high deductibles or limited mental health coverage. Until you meet your deductible, you are paying the amount that insurance would have reimbursed me. ​

  • Non-Covered Concerns 

    • Insurance places limits on what concerns can be addressed. For example, insurance almost never covers couples therapy. Using private pay eliminates this and allows you to come to therapy for any concerns that you may have. ​

  • Personal Resources

    • Some people view therapy as an investment in themselves and thus gain personal satisfaction from using their own financial resources. ​


I am currently a Supervisee in Clinical Social Work, so I’m only able to accept cash pay at this time. When I have passed the  Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB) clinical exam and receive my full clinical social worker license, I will add psychotherapy and diagnostic services to my existing insurance contracts as well as expand out to other funders.


  • Initial Evaluation: $200

  • Psychotherapy (60 mins): $150

  • Psychotherapy (45 mins): $125

  • Psychotherapy (30 mins): $120

  • Additional time (if available) $30 per 15 mins

Crisis Intervention

  • $150 (10 - 25 mins)


  • Psychotherapy: $200


  • Group Therapy: $50 

No-Show & Late Cancellations 

  • "No-Show": $150

  • Late Cancellation: $150

Phone support outside of session lasting longer than 5 minutes will result in a $50 fee.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

All ABA services are $150 per hour as I am a solo BCBA. I do not utilize Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) and feel far more comfortable providing care myself.


I am currently in network with the following insurance providers for ABA:

  • Sentera Health

  • CCC+ MCOs (pending contract)

  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield (pending contract)


I am currently an out of network provider with the following insurers for ABA: 

  • United Healthcare 


I provide acceptance and commitment training (ACT) for individuals with level 1 or level 2 ASD as well as a parent training only model. In the parent training only model, you will be provided instruction on how to implement the prescribed interventions. I believe that parent/caregiver-led interventions are the most effective and long lasting. 


If you would like to use in network benefits for a pending funder, please reach out and I will be happy to add you to my waitlist.


I will also bill out of network for you or provide a superbill if you have out of network benefits for ABA. Please verify that you have out of network benefits for ABA prior to reaching out and note that I cannot guarantee how much you will be reimbursed by insurance.

Yoga Therapy


Yoga therapy is emerging as a recognized healthcare profession; thus, insurance coverage is limited at this time. Check to see if your insurance allows for out of network coverage for yoga therapy. This will most likely be found under “complementary and alternative medicine (CAM).” If your policy allows for out of network coverage, I can provide a super bill for yoga therapy services which you will then submit to your insurance provider.


Therapeutic Consultation (TC)

TC services are covered by the FIS and CL waivers in Virginia. Note that TC is not the same as ABA nor psychotherapy. It is a primarily a consultative service for the individual's caregiver(s). Per state guidelines, you will be required to collect data on treatment progress and a behavior intervention plan (BIP) will need to be in place. 


If you wish to use out of network benefits or cash pay for any service, you will be provided a Good Faith Estimate for the estimated cost of services.

Chaplain Services 

I am currently endorsed as a Humanist celebrant and associate chaplain. Chaplain services must be kept separate from psychotherapy, as a result, I will not be able to bill insurance. Chaplaincy is distinct due to its focus on spirituality and does not allow for the methods used to treat mental health concerns. If I feel that you'd be better served by psychotherapy, I will inform you of this. Chaplaincy will be billed via self-pay at the following rates: 

  • Initial Intake: $200

  • 60 Minutes: $150

  • 45 Minutes: $125

  • 30 Minutes: $120

  • Additional Time (if available): $30 per 15 minutes 

Requests for Written Documentation 

Requests for documentation are any requests related to court, employment, or individual needs that give an outline of my diagnostic impressions and treatment. I will discuss the need and purpose of the request with you each time prior to writing the report. Each request is $150. 

Assistive Technology Prescriptions 

Occasionally, I may recommend assistive technology (AT) depending on your needs. If you choose to use insurance benefits for the AT, I  will need to write a letter of medical necessity ("prescription") for the device, software, etc. Each LMN will incur a fee of $150. Note that at this time, I am NOT providing AT; however, I will write an LMN and train you on the recommended AT. If you are a DD Waiver patient, the cost of any LMNs and AT evaluations are covered by the Waiver.

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